Solid wood work surfaces

Upgrade your house with solid wood surfaces for your bathroom, kitchen or study.

We make work surfaces in several European wood types and any size you want. 

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Ordering a solid wood worktop

We sell solid wood worktops of sustainably grown European wood. Please take note of the following factors when ordering a custom made wooden worktop:

1. Measurements

What’s the size of the worktop you need? Please measure the size you need and provide us with the dimensions in millimeters. We have most wood types in lengths up to 3 meters, if your worktop should be longer than that we will probably have to work with multiple parts. 

2. Wood type

Pick the wood type you want. We only work with solid wood and can’t offer veneer worktops. You can choose beech, oak, elm, ash or walnut. The price differs per wood type: beech is the cheapest option, walnut the most expensive and oak, elm and ash are in between those.

3. Thickness

The solid wood we use is available in several thicknesses. The price of the worktop depends on the number of cubic meters of wood we use to make it.

Most wood types we have in thicknesses of 20, 27, 35, 45 and 55mm. Oak is also available in 65 and 90 mm. For a worktop of 30mm we will use the same wood as for a worktop 0f 35mm, so the price of a 30mm worktop is the same as a 35mm top.

Please note that a long worktop that’s only supported by 4 legs or 2 brackets on each side needs a thickness of at least 35mm, to stop the worktop from sagging. 

4. Style

Do you like a ‘calm’ type of wood without a lot of knots, or is your style more rustic? Because wood is a natural product it always remains a surprise what your worktop will look like exactly, but we can of course select a piece of wood that meets your preferences as much as possible. Please provide us with your preferences in wood style when placing an order or asking for a quote.

5. Live edge?

Because we import our own raw wood you can choose to have a live edge on your worktop. We will take the actual bark off te wood so the edge feels nice and smooth, but the wood will still have the natural shape of the tree. This way every wooden worktop is unique in shape.

Please note some wood types have a more lively edge than others. French walnut for instance has a very wavy shape while oak and elm are a little straighter. 

6. Installation

Will your worktop be mounted on the wall, on brackets, on a cabinet or on legs? We can prepare the worktop for mounting, so please let us know how you will use the worktop. If you will be mounting the work surface on a wall, it’s important to let me know which side you will be mounting it on and what kind of wall you have (brick, concrete or plasterboard?) so we can advise you on how to install the worktop. We can also take care of the installation for you.

7. Finish

To enjoy your wooden worktop as long as possible we will have to protect it from stains. We offer several possibilities to finish and protect the wood. We prefer to work with a natural oil. The oil we use gives a solid layer of protection while preserving the natural feel of the wood.

If the worktop needs to be sealed watertight, for instance when you will be using it in a bathroom or as a kitchen worktop, we can varnish the wood with a matte or shiny varnish. Do you want to finish the wood as natural as possible? We also have a colourless varnish that protects the wood but maintains its natural, lighter look. It’s also possible to change the colour of the wood using a stain or colour oil. 

You can have a look at the options in our showroom. And as always: wood is a natural product so the final look of the product depends on the tree itself.

Ordering a wooden work surface

To order a solid wood worktop just provide us with all the above information per email. We will then send you a quote and/or any questions we still have. After your approval of the details and price of the worktop we will start the production. The time we need to produce your solid wood worktop depends on how busy we are, but usually we can produce a wooden work surface within 2-3 weeks.

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