Bathroom countertops

We make wooden bathroom countertops of solid beech, oak, elm, ash or walnut in several thicknesses. You can choose to finish the countertop with matte varnish, colourless varnish or oil. We advise a matte varnish finish, this protects the wood best from moist.

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We advise to make the ‘open’ edges of the bathroom countertop slightly rounded. This makes the wood less vulnerable to chipping and it’s more comfortable in use. Leave the sides that are against a wall sharp so that the bathroom countertop will connect to the wall seamlessly. You can also choose a live edge. This means that the actual bark will be sanded off the wood, but the countertop will still have the natural shape of the tree.

Blind mounting means that we will mill a slat into the side of the wood so that it can be mounted on the wall without any brackets.
The sink can be mounted on top of, underneath or leveled with the kitchen top. Leveled mounting means that we will mill a ledge for the sink to rest on.

If you want us to install or deliver the bathroom countertop please tick the box in step 2. Within Amsterdam installation is €180 for the first hour and €90 for every hour after that. Just delivery is €90. If you live outside of Amsterdam we will give you a quote for installation or delivery based on your address.

After you fill in your details, an email will be sent to our inbox automatically and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Any size

Solid wood bar tops custom made in any size.

Made of sustainable European hardwood

Solid beech, oak, ash, elm or walnut from sustainable local suppliers.

Live edge or straight

Option to keep the natural shape of the tree in your countertop.

Made in Amsterdam

Skillfully made in our workshop in Amsterdam.

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