January 22, 2020

How to combine a wooden table with a wooden floor

We hear it quite often in our showroom: 'I have a wooden floor, so a wooden table will probably be a bit too much!' It doesn't have to be though!

As long as you keep in mind the following tips and tricks.

Wood on wood
Wood on wood doesn’t have to clash necessarily, as long as there’s enough contrast between the table and the floor. A wooden table with wooden legs in exactly the same colour as the floor will be too much, the table will disappear against the backdrop of the floor, and you’ll probably have an overkill of the same colour. Make sure the table is clearly lighter or darker than the floor, and keep in mind the colour tone of the floor and the table. Does your floor have a warm, golden colour tone then make sure the table has the same warm tone but either lighter or darker than the floor. Does the floor have a cooler, more grey-ish look them make sure the table has that same, cooler kind of colour. 

Steels legs
A steel frame gives a nice contrast with the floor, and creates a clear border between the floor and the table top. This is good news if you really love the colour and wood type of your floor, as you can pick the exact same wood type and finish for your table as long as you use a steel frame in a contrasting colour. We do advise to use a contrasting colour for your chairs as well, to avoid an overkill. 

Still think a wooden table on a wooden floor is a little bit too much? Put a nice rug underneath the table. This creates a cosy ‘island’ for your dining table and a contrasting barrier between the floor and the table.

Of course you’re always welcome in our showroom for advise on your new dining table and how to combine it in your home!

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