August 5, 2022

From scratch

See all the steps we take to turn our customers ideas into the products that enrich their homes.

When Hannah and Ryan walked into our shop they had just bought their lovely house and were in need of some furniture. They had several ideas for their new home and needed a wardrobe for the master bedroom, a wardrobe for the nursery, 2 bookcases, a tv cabinet and a dining table. Together we discussed their wishes and made some sketches of the different projects. 

The two sketches pictured here are of the nursery wardrobe and the wardrobe in the master bedroom. After Hannah and Ryan’s approval of these first sketches, our workshop team paid a visit to their new home to take measurements and go over the final details with them. After this a final detailed drawing of the furniture was made, before we started producing in our workshop.    


Ding dong! After some skilled wizardry in our workshop, the products are brought to Hannah and Ryan’s doorstep by our team of cheerful professionals. Now comes the installation fase. The wardrobes are assembled and put into place by the people that made them, ensuring the end product is in every way what our clients envisioned it to be.

And there we have it! The furniture that started out as an idea in the heads of Hannah and Ryan is now a special part of their new place. As Ryan put it himself in his Google review of our service: ‘They’ve transformed our house into a home.’ That’s why we love to do it Ryan!

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December 21, 2022

Introducing: ECO oak!

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September 6, 2022

Stools are cool

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June 2, 2021

The best wine shop of Amsterdam!

Right in the middle of the Jordaan you can now find Benelux Wine, a shop full of the best wines of the Benelux.

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