December 16, 2019

Meet our wood types!

The wood types we supply are beech, oak, elm, ash and walnut. All beautiful, sustainable wood types with their very own character.


Beech is a common European wood type. It’s light brown – yellowish in colour. The grain of beech is a little less exciting than that of oak or walnut. It’s recognisable from the small, dark stripes in the wood.

If beech is on the ground for a while after it’s cut, a fungus can start to develop that’s called spalt. Spalt gives the wood a somewhat patchy look and causes dark lines, that are secretly quite pretty. That’s why we also sell spalted beech, so-called ‘funky beech’.


Oak is a real classic and our bestseller. Just like beech, oak trees are very common in Europe. Untreated oak has a light brown – greyish colour, treated with oil or varnish it gets a darker, golden colour. But oak is very versatile, we can oil or stain it in plenty of colours.

Oak has an interesting flamed grain and ‘medullary rays’ that are typical of oak. Medullary rays are light lines in the grain that show the veins of the tree that once transported nutrients


Ash primarily grows in Europe, Asia and North-America, but we only use the European version. Ash is light and ashy in colour, sometimes almost white, and the core is a greyish brown. This makes for a beautiful flamed pattern. 


European elm is a beautiful, really strong wood type with a clear, lively pattern. It’s light brown in colour with a sort of red glow and a warm character.   


Walnut is top of the bill when it comes to wood types. It’s one of our favorite woods because of its lovely dark look and beautiful curvy pattern. Walnut has a dark brown colour, that comes out even more when the wood is treated with oil or varnish. It has a live edge that’s really curvy, so it’s a great wood type for floating shelves with a live edge, or for a wood slab table top full of character!

So far a short introduction of our wood types. If you have any questions about out solid wood you can of course contact us, there’s nothing we like more than to tell you about wood!

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