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Timber Trade

For the manufacture of our furniture we use rough-cut timber that we select and import ourselves.

We track down the most beautiful wood in France, Germany or in the Netherlands.
Out of principal, we don’t work with tropical timber.
Our wood is also available for purchase.


Do it yourself


Are you looking to do some woodworking? You can order it rough-cut.
Would you rather have it cut to size?
Not a problem, we’ll plane the wood for you and cut it to size.
We can supply you with e.g. oak, beech, cherry, walnut, ash or elm in selected thicknesses.

Sheet materials


Besides solid wood, we also offer a range of plywood and MDF.

You don’t have to buy a full sheet. We charge per square meter (with a minimum of €7,50 for small orders, our starting rate). When you provide us with the dimensions we will cut it to size. At additional cost we can also do finishing processes such as drilling, milling etc.

For large quantities of material we apply adjusted rates.


Because furniture making is our primary activity, we may not always be able to help you instantly.

In consultation with us a lot is possible.


On Saturdays our workshop is closed and no woodworking is done. The showroom is open for business.

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