A dining table is the heart of your home, everything happens around the dining table!

Let us make your custom made dining table, produced from sustainable, locally sourced wood. Design your own table, or get inspired by what we made for other clients.

Drop by our showroom to get some advice, or ask for an initial quote via email or by clicking ‘Get a quote’ after selecting your favourite table below.

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A selection of our tables:

Solid oak dining table with tapered legs

Ash dining table with angled steel legs

Solid oak table with angled steel legs

Solid oak table with tapered legs

Oak table with round steel legs

Beech table with rounded corners and steel legs

Oak table with live edge and white steel legs

Solid walnut table with angled steel legs

Oval walnut table with steel legs

Solid ash table with steel legs

Elm table with tapered legs

Elm table with angled steel legs

Design your own table

1. Frame
Designing your own table starts with the base: the table frame. Would you like a steel table frame or a completely wooden table? It’s important to realise that a thinner table top might need more support than a thick solid wood table top. 

A steel frame creates a nice contrast with a wooden floor. We have a wide range of wood and steel frame designs, just have a look at the tables we’ve made before. And as always: just because we haven’t made it yet doesn’t mean we can’t, just send us your ideas and we will see whether we can make it for you.
2. Wood type
Pick the wood type you would like for your table. You can choose a beech, oak, ash, elm or walnut table top. We work with sustainable solid wood that’s grown in an environmentally friendly way. We don’t work with veneer table tops. 

Because every piece of wood is different we can’t guarantee exactly what your table top will look like, but of course we can make a selection based on your preference.
3. Thickness of the table top
We source our solid wood in several thicknesses. The price of your table depends on the number of cubic meters of wood that’s used to make it.

Most of our wood types we offer in a thickness of 20, 27, 35, 45 or 55mm.  Oak we also have in 65 or 90mm. For a table top of 30mm we use raw wood of 35mm, so the price of an oak table top of 30mm will be the same as that of a solid oak table top of 35mm thick. 

4. Live edge
Because our wood comes straight from the tree, you can choose to preserve the original shape of the tree. The actual bark will be sanded off the wood but the table top will still have the shape of the tree: a live edge table. Every live edge table is different in shape, and walnut has a more lively natural edge than oak, ash, elm or beech.

5. Wood finish
To enjoy your table as long as possible you have to protect it from staining. We offer several finish options, but we prefer to work with a natural oil. This provides a protective layer but also preserves the natural feel of the wood. 

If the table top has to be finished in a durable waterproof way we can treat the table top with a matte or gloss varnish. If you like the table top to look as natural as possible we can use a colourless varnish. It’s also possible to change the colour of the wood using a pigmented oil or stain.

In our showroom you can come take a look at the options. Because wood is a natural product we can give you a good idea of what the wood finish will look like, but the result might differ depending on the tree itself.

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