You can never have enough storage space, especially in Amsterdam where space is usually limited! We will happily make you your perfect wardrobe, TV cabinet or bookcase. Just ask us for a quote and we’ll see what we can do.

Please find some examples of our work and more information about the process below.

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Customize your cabinet

Do you have an idea for a unique TV cabinet, or does that one corner of your bedroom need a built in wardrobe? We would love to make it for you. Please find more information about the proces here. Some things to keep in mind when asking for a quote for a custom wardrobe or cabinet:

1. Wood type

Which type of wood would you like? We work with solid European hard wood, but for wardrobes and cabinets we also use MDF or plywood. Try to give as much information as possible about the type of wood and aesthetics you would like. 

2. Measurements

What are the measurements? Most important are the general outside measurements, but we’d also like to know how tall you want the doors of your wardrobe, how deep the shelves should be or how thick you want the top of your TV cabinet. 

3. Doors or drawers?

How many doors or drawers would you like in your custom built-in wardrobe? Please keep in mind that drawers are quite labour intensive so they will increase the price of your wardrobe.


4. Door grips?

What kind of grips would you like on the doors of your wardrobe? We can use steel or wooden grips, mill concealed grips in the wood or work with a push-to-open system.

5. Finish

Solid wood doors we can finish with oil or varnish. Oil protects the wood from stains or moist, while it preserves the natural feel of the wood. Should the wood be protected in a more durable, waterproof way then we’ll finish the wood with a shiny or matte varnish. Would you like it to look as natural as possible then we also have the possibility of using a natural 2-component varnish that protects the wood but leaves it looking really light and natural. We don’t paint MDF wardrobes but we can put you in touch with Pappot painters, our usual painter.

Send us an email to get a quote for your custom made wardrobe.

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