In our well-equipped workshop in Amsterdam we can make almost anything you can imagine. That’s convenient for you and for us it is a chance to make something different every day.


From idea to product

Some people bring along a sketch, others have a rough idea. We make it into a finished product, using only sustainable, eco friendly materials. Here you can read more on how this works.


Installation Projects


We can even provide full installation of interior projects.
Wood is our passion and therefore our starting point, but we also use steel, concrete, stone, glass or loam to complete your interior.


Free quote


Feel free to come by and discuss your project with us. You can also make an appointment.


Hourly rate


For all our woodworking the following price rate applies:

Starting rate €17,50

after that €37,50/half hour

and €75,-/full hour


The average processing time for custom work is 3 to 4 weeks.


*We process your own materials at your own risk.

Houthandel van Steen
Overtoom 516
1054 KL Amsterdam
T 020 612 83 00

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